• What causes eye bags?

    • Loss of volume in the cheeks which causes uneven deflation, resulting in protruding bulges of periorbital fat.
    • Weakening of lower eyelid muscles and skin causing the fat to bulge outward
    • Genetic predisposition to have extra fat under the eyes
  • Am I suitable for non-surgical eye bag reduction?

    Most eye bag cases can be treated surgically. However, some patients do not want cosmetic surgery due to personal or health reasons. Instead, fillers can be done on the eye bag areas to mask its appearance.

  • How can dermal fillers treat eye bags?

    Injecting dermal fillers directly into the mid-cheek area can plump and lift the area, replacing volume loss. Filling up the hollow area of the tear trough is often paired to provide the best results to “mask” the eye bags.  Treating eye bags is not an easy task so it is advisable to get the procedure done by a qualified medical doctor.

  • How long can dermal fillers last?

    Depending on the brand and consistency, results may last between 9 to 12 months. Repeat injections are needed to maintain desired results.  

  • How long is the treatment?

    The entire treatment will take approximately 10~20 minutes.

  • Is the treatment painful?

    Topical numbing cream will be used prior to the treatment to minimise discomfort. The treatment is often well-tolerated by most patients. 

Eye Bag Reduction

Nobody likes eye bags. It make us look tired, old, and unattractive. Eye bags are mostly caused by sagging skin and periorbital fat. 

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