Face Sculpting Treatment – Chin Fillers & Cheek Fillers 

As we age, our skin, fats, muscles and bones go through a different rate of degenerative changes. Saggy jowls, wrinkles, eyebags, retruded chin, flat cheeks and sunken temples are amongst the most common complaints. These are structural changes that are inevitable with ageing.

Many think plastic surgery is the only way to rectify these issues. In truth, appropriate placement of dermal fillers can also help greatly to reduce signs of ageing and improve these undesirable facial features if you place your trust in the right hands.

Weak chin

Weak chin

Flat cheeks

Flat cheeks


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Face Sculpting is Dr Lim MY’s favorite and signature treatment. Dr Lim derives great joy from helping his patients look more attractive, in a cost-efficient and safe manner. To achieve this, Dr Lim uses a combination of dermal fillers, neuromodulator, laser resurfacing treatments, radio-frequency treatments, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) and thread-lifting procedure to create a complete, lifting and restorative effect.

During consultation, Dr Lim will discuss your aesthetic concerns and assess your facial condition. Using the chart below, he will explain and suggest to you a treatment plan. You can also see Dr Lim’s album of previous work to get an idea of the before/after effect you will be expecting.

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As everyone has a different facial structure, Dr Lim will customize an unique treatment plan tailored specially for you. Different areas of the face, especially the tear trough, cheeks and chin, require different types of fillers. Dr Lim’s long years of experience is critical in choosing the right fillers, right volume and inject at precise locations, in order to achieve what he regards as optimal results.

During treatment, Dr Lim also places a big emphasis on safe injection technique to create aesthetically pleasing and natural looking results. Dr Lim uses reliable internationally-recognized products and he believes in safety above all else.

Key Benefits of Treatment

  • A customized FaceSculpting plan tailored specially for you

  • Improve, rejuvenate and restore your younger look

  • Dr Lim has over 3000 cases of past face sculpting and laser face rejuvenation experience

  • An emphasis on safe injection technique and reliable products

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I’m Dr Lim Ming Yee and I’ve been in medical practice for 18 years.

I enjoy sharing knowledge on aesthetics and dispelling myths in the industry. Hopefully, my writing can provide useful insights to those who are keen in seeking treatment.

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