face slimming & square jaw reduction


Many of my patients come to me because they are bothered by their rounded or squarish faces – in fact, this is one of the most common complaints I see in my daily practice. Masseter muscles are facial muscles located at the angle of mandible that play a role in chewing solid food. Very often, these muscles are what can cause someone’s face to look more rounded and squarish.

How does it work?

With my non-surgical face slimming and square jaw reduction procedure, you can achieve a V-shape face without surgery. Additional injections along the jawline and eye areas can also help with skin lifting. In more severe cases, I would recommend a combination treatment of radio-frequency and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to tighten and firm up the skin. 

Is there any downtime?
The injection pain is very minimal and bruising is not common. My patients can go back to their routines right after their treatments. 

How many treatments will I need?
The effects may last from four to six months or longer, depending on the individual. Patients who have a teeth grinding habit (bruxism) will require a larger dosage and more frequent treatments. Repeated treatments will be necessary to maintain the desired effects.  

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  • Accent Ultra 
  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)