Laser for Moles/Skin Tags Removal

Are you looking for a way to remove unwanted moles/skin tags? Fortunately, advancements in medical technology allow us to remove our moles and skin tags safely.
At MY Medical Aesthetics, we provide laser for moles/skin tags removal.

Benefits of Laser Moles/Skin Tags Removal


Non-surgical procedure

Done by an experienced doctor

When Can I See The Results?

In most cases, 1 treatment is sufficient to remove all of them.
However, a touch-up is required for deeper skin lesions as these lesions are removed layer by layer to reduce the chances of scarring.
The touch-up session will be done in 1 month time.

How Is Laser Moles/Skin Tags Removal Like?


During the consultation, he will assess your skin condition and advise the types of lasers to use.


Numbing cream will be applied prior to the procedure to minimize discomfort.


The procedure is about 15~20 minutes depending on the number of moles/skin tags.


A follow-up/touch up appointment will be arranged in 1 month time.

MY Medical Aesthetics

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