MY pico+ laser skin rejuvenation


Most of us want to have skin that is smooth, firm, pigmentation-free, and with a brighter skin tone. To achieve this for my patients, I created MY Pico+ Laser Skin Rejuvenation programme, which is safe, effective and suitable for all.

The programme utilises our clinic's Discovery Pico+ Laser, an advanced innovative machine specifically designed for aesthetic medicine.

As a medical device, this is an extremely versatile machine. By combining the action of four pulsed durations and triple wavelengths, it can combat our skin's problems and treat a wide range of pigmented skin lesions, such as sun-damaged skin, age-spots, freckles, lentigo, Becker’s nevus, café au Lait spots, Nevus of Ota and melasma. It is also able to extend its treatment areas to vascular skin lesions, rosacea and inflammatory acne.

If they wish, patients may choose to upgrade their programme to one that includes a combination therapy using other lasers, IPL, SkinBooster, anti-pigment skincare, etc.

The results? Well, you'll have to see it to believe it.


The Ministry of Health does not permit the publication of before and after photographs and patient testimonials. To know more about our treatments and results, please make an appointment with us for a friendly consultation today. 

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