Pro Yellow Laser for Acne, Pigmentations & Rejuvenation

Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser 

  • What is Pro Yellow Laser?

    Pro Yellow laser has a specific wavelength of 577nm that can target vascular lesions and epidermal pigmentations. Common conditions that can be treated with Pro Yellow laser includes melasma, telangiectasia, rosacea, facial flushing, post acne redness, acne, spider nevus, cherry angioma, skin brightening and rejuvenation, etc.    

  • How does it work?

    The QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser generates a laser beam with a specific 577nm wavelength that is absorbed by both melanin (pigments) and the underlying blood vessels. This results in breakdown of pigments and at the same time, reduces the blood supply to the skin cells that produce these pigments. The scanner hand piece with integrated skin cooling also allows for faster treatment of areas of erythema in a procedure that reduces side effects and shortens the regeneration phase.

  • How long is the treatment?

    The entire treatment will take approximately 8~15 mins.

  • Is the treatment painful?

    You will feel slight superficial pricks or a tingling sensation. 

  • How many treatments are required?

    Individual results may vary according to patient’s condition. Pigmentation might require 5~10 treatments.

  • Is there any downtime?

    Patients may experience some redness which usually goes away in few hours. They can resume their regular daily activities right after the treatment.

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