Discovery PICO Plus Laser is the second generation of picosecond lasers and is the most innovative medical laser available in the market today. It addresses skin problems of various pigmented lesions, acne scars, birthmarks and unwanted tattoos, making the skin look brighter and smoother.

  • How does tattoo removal work?

    The picosecond laser generates laser beams in ultrashort picosecond pulses which can shatter the tattoo pigments into fine particles using photo-acoustic effect. The tiny tattoo ink particles subsequently will be eliminated by the body’s immune system.

    Discovery PICO Plus laser has triple wavelengths at 532nm, 694nm and 1064nm, it can produce picosecond as well as nanosecond pulses, targeting different coloured inks effectively for tattoo removal. The 694nm (Ruby laser) wavelength can target certain stubborn tattoo ink colours and safely treated.

  • Is tattoo removal treatment painful?

    Based on individual’s pain tolerance and location of the pigmented lesion, most people are able to tolerate the lasers sessions without much discomfort. Patients will feel the pulses as quick tingling sensations, like very tiny rubber bands snapped against the skin. Cold air or numbing cream will be provided if necessary.

  • How many treatments are required?

    Depending on the ink density, size, colour, age of tattoos and location of tattoos, the number of treatments can vary range from 4 to more than 10 sessions.

  • What are the common side effects?

    Common side effect includes pain, swelling, bleeding and small blisters. Rare complication includes infection, hypopigmentation and skin scarring etc.

  • Is there any downtime?

    The treated area will appear frosted and slightly swollen right after the laser treatment. Thin scabs or small blisters might form in the next few days. The scabs will peel off in about 1~2 weeks time.

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