What causes acne?

Acne affects patients of all ages, but its cause is generally linked to hormonal swings which cause the skin to secrete sebum. Acne can appear all over the body, but generally appear on the face, chest, neck and back as those areas tend to have more sebaceous glands. Development of acne occurs when these glands become clogged up with sebum. This causes bacteria to grow and pimps and swelling occurs, which may leave permanent scars.

Common causes of acne

  • Excess oil production
  • Hair follicles clogged by sebum and dead skin cells
  • Bacteria
  • Hormonal imbalance

Regular maintenance of facial, laser and proper skincare regime can help to keep your face clean and clear.

Acne Treatment Options:

  • Fotona Acne Laser – target overactive sebaceous glands
  • Pro Yellow Laser – minimize post acne erythema
  • Carbon Laser Peel – effective in controlling excess oil and unblocking pores
  • Pro Facial – Cleanse, exfoliate and unclogs the skin
  • Chemical Peel – removes dead skin, dries pimples and loosen comedones
  • Home care products – cleanser, moisturizer and topical medicated creams
  • Injections – uses steroids to reduce inflammation and aids healing and prevention of scarring
  • Oral medication – antibiotics or isotretinoin may be prescribed

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