Laser Tattoo Removal

Sometimes, your tattoos do not exactly work out the way you want them to. Other times, you just wish to remove them for professional reasons or the tattoo is no longer relevant to you. Nowadays, new advances in laser technology has made removing tattoos, relatively easy, safe, effective and affordable. 


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When it comes to removing tattoos, Dr Lim MY’s belief is to make the process as fuss-free, efficient and affordable as possible. His main objective is to remove the tattoo inks as completely as possible for patients, in a safe and effective way. 

During consultation, Dr Lim will discuss the possible downtime and complications of laser tattoo removal. The number of sessions needed is depend on:

  • Size, age of tattoo, ink density, colour and location of tattoos
  • Cover up tattoos, tattoo on scars and coloured tattoos need more treatment sessions
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At MY Medical Aesthetics, we use US FDA-approved Discovery Pico+ laser which has three wavelengths: 1064nm, 532nm and 694nm. These 3 wavelengths can target different tattoo ink colours, which are typically tough to remove.

To ensure that treatment is comfortable, Dr Lim also uses the Zimmer Cryo 6 machine to help cool treated areas and reduce discomfort during treatment.


  • Remove tattoo inks safely and efficiently
  • Tri-wavelength settings target different tattoo ink colours
  • Customised treatment protocols and minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Affordable pay-per-session pricing (no upfront large treatment package needed)

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Dr Lim welcomes any questions you may have on removing tattoos.

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I’m Dr Lim Ming Yee and I’ve been in medical practice for 18 years.

I enjoy sharing knowledge on aesthetics and dispelling myths in the industry. Hopefully, my writing can provide useful insights to those who are keen in seeking treatment.

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